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What is the composition of my price?

The item price is composed of the product price and the number of designed product sides (front, back, sleeves...). We charge a fixed finishing price per side. It doesn't matter how many colours and motifs you use or whether you personalise each item with names & numbers. For elaborate processes such as embroidery and screen printing, there are one-time additional costs for preparation. Standard shipping is free for all orders.

1 T-Shirt

Product price £6

1 print at the front

€7.00 printing price

Standard shipping

£ 0 delivery costs

How does the quantity discount work?

Already from 6 articles you get a quantity discount with us. There is a simple principle: the more items you buy, the cheaper it gets for you. Both the products and the finishing are discounted.

20 T-Shirts

£ 3,60 instead of £6 thanks to quantity discount

20 x print at the front

€4.20 instead of €7.00 thanks to quantity discount

Is the quantity discount the same for all products?

No. The amount of the quantity discount may vary from product to product. We offer you the best possible price depending on the manufacturer and quality level.

20 T-Shirts organic

30% quantity discount

20 T-Shirts standard

40% quantity discount

Do I also get a quantity discount if I buy different products and motifs?

Yes. The quantity discount is based on the total number of products in the shopping cart. No matter how much you mix products and design, this still applies: More items lead to more quantity discount. This gives you maximum design freedom. For example, give each team member their own touch through names or numbers at no additional cost. Note: screen printing has special requirements in terms of the design.

10 T-Shirts organic

30% quantity discount

as for 20 pieces

10 T-Shirts standard

40% quantity discount

as for 20 pieces

20 T-Shirts

35% quantity discount

How much does the finishing cost?

We charge €7.00 per designed product page (front, back, sleeve, etc.). Here, too, you benefit from the quantity discount. The more products you order, the lower the finishing price will be. For embroidery and screen printing, one-time costs for prepress are added.

Price per product side

Quantity discount for 20 pcs

Preparation costs (one-time)

€4.20 €7.00


€4.20 €7.00

€39.99 per colour

€4.20 €7.00

€24.90 per design

In our calculation example prices and percentages are simplified for better understanding. What your individual order costs, you can see in the price calculator on each product page or in the shopping cart.