Personalised Face Masks

Functionality of the masks

With your new and individually printed face mask you can cover the sensitive parts of your breathing apparatus in style. The mask is fabricated of two different layers - when coughing or sneezing the inner part of the mask can stop fluids from unfolding to your near field. This is a reasonable help to secure you don't endanger people around you. A big plus of our mask is that it can be washed at 60 ° and therefore be re-used a couple of times.

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How to Create a Unique Face Mask


  1. Choose product to learn more about the face mask.

  2. Click on “Create Now” to personalise mask in the design tool.

  3. Browse designs or upload your own image. Personalise with text if you like.

  4. Fill in the order form and get free delivery in the UK. Express option possible


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Personalised face mask